Neelkanth Salt works

Neelkanth Salt works is the pride of Tanzania. In a market that has so far been characterized by loose, unbranded minimally iodized salt produced by traditional methods on one hand or imported edible salt as the other option, Neelkanth refined salt, from Tanzania’s most trusted business house comes with the guarantee of quality, conforming to health standards as prescribed. Produced under strict hygienic conditions by standardized modern technology, it's a pioneering effort to give fellow citizens the pride of their own "national" salt.

To be launched early next year, it will be the country's first locally manufactured branded iodized salt. For the last many years, edible salt is being imported from Kenya and India into the country. According to published reports (by International Trade centre), more than 50,000 metric tons of Salt is being imported in the country.

Our aim is to make the country self-reliant by utilizing its vast natural coastline to not only create a high quality import substitution product but also generate employment.

Salt Production